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Determine what kind of replacement swivel base you need ? The flat swivel plate will  have equal spacing between both plates (top and bottom) on all 4 sides - usually 1".
The  tilted swivel plate will have a 3 degree spacing difference between plates. When looking from the side you will notice an incline. The plate spacing on one end is higher than at the opposite end. A 3 degree tilt is used on all stools with backs for comfort.
Measurements can be done with a ruler or by eyesight.
All swivels are 5-1/4" spacing (center hole to center hole)12 gauge steel.
Slots are punched 3/4"

360 degrees with no return or 90 degree memory return (from right or left)

All swivels are heavy duty, commercial grade. 500 lb capacity load for use in restaurants, bars, meeting places and of course residential applications. 51 steel lubricated ball bearings. There is no nylon race. 51 ball bearing gives the seat true even movement, no wobble no tip. When comparing make sure to check # of ball bearing.

Part # Type Plate Size Type Ball Bearings Price
ZBSSF Flat 6 3/4" 360 drgrees
no return
51 $23.50
ZBSST Tilted 6 3/4 ' 360 degrees
no return
51 $32.50
ZBSSF90 Flat 6 3/4" 90 degrees
memory return
51 $23.50
ZBSST90 Tilted 6 3/4" 90 degrees
memory return
51 $35.50
* inquire for quantity  pricing