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Premier Touch-up Markers
Capillary Marker with stain & finish in one package.
A quick one step repair for scuffs, scratches or worn edges. 

Simply remove the cap and use. Premier Capillary Markers contain the stain and the coating together. Excellent flow rate. Features chisel nib tip. The touch-up markers are formulated using state of the art dyes and resins giving excellent adhesion, clarity and colorfastness. The markers are formulated to apply smoothly and dry very quickly (in a matter of seconds) to a very durable repair. As with all refinishing projects: test in a less visible area and always start with a lighter color progressing to darker shade.  Safe and easy to use.

Part #/Color Part#/Color Part #/Color

Z702  Natural
Z706  Honey Maple
Z708  Light Pine
Z709  Light Oak
Z711  Colonial Maple
Z712  Fruitwood
Z713  Heritage Oak
Z714  Maple

Z715 Universal Cherry
Z716 Light Walnut

Z724 Brown Cherry
Z725 Lt Red Mahogany
Z727 Traditional Mahogany
Z728 Cordovan Mahogany
Z729  Brown Red Mahogany

Z730 Dark Oak
Z731 Extra Dark Oak
Z732 Medium Dark Walnut
Z733 Dark Walnut
Z734 Dark Pecan
Z735 Tavern Pine
Z736 Extra Dark Walnut
Z737 Black

$4.30 per marker
Note: As the part numbers increase the color gets darker